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Bellagio Lake Como

Bellagio Lake ComoCalled the Pearl of Lario, Bellagio in Italy is situated at the top of the headland that divides the lake in two (the west branch towards Como and the east branch towards Lecco).

This wonderful village has not been discovered recently. It was well known by the Romans (Plini the Younger owned a villa here) and some centuries later many famous people honoured Bellagio with their presence - Eugène de Beauharnais, Francis I, Ferdinand of Austria, Liszt, Manzoni, Parini, Twain, Flaubert, Toscanini and others.

It was just around the second half of the 19th century that Bellagio started building hotels that now make it one the most renowned tourist centres of the world.
A person never arrives to Bellagio by chance but on purpose. Its unique position, far from the main highroads, still gives it a very pleasant feeling of privacy, which is highly appreciated not only by tourists, but also by the many personalities of literature, music, science, cinema and politics, who, travelling around the world as they do, find it one of the few unspoiled places to go to.

Bellagio is privileged by its position, but also the colors of the villas and houses and their roofs, the luxuriant vegetation, the variety of green in the hills and the blue of the water and sky all surrounded by magnificent mountains, give a breathtaking image to the onlooker, which can rarely be found.

The village presents different aspects: the centre, known as the “Borgo” with its steps and small squares, the romanesque church of St. Giacomo and the shops;
Apart from admiring the landscape, and visiting villas you can do many other things, such as: swimming, water-skiing, sailing, windsurfing, rowing, tennis, riding, dancing, etc

But Bellagio, above all, is special. It is something you cannot express in words. Why do people return again and again? It must certainly be for its beauty and charm, but perhaps the word is “magic” that makes it a secret gem that cannot be found elsewhere.

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